Abundant Treasures

Update: Abundant Treasures closed March 2019.

Abundant Treasures is a stand out in an area saturated with Antique Stores and Flea Markets. Its located less than a mile from the Rogers, Arkansas Historic District and has at least ten flea markets and antique stores within a five mile radius. If you’re an avid shopper for antiques North West Arkansas will not disappoint.

The treasures are so abundant here that they spill out of the store, into the front foyer and continue to the front garden. You’ll be hard pressed to find an inch of wasted space. I lived in the area for ten years and shopped this store frequently. I love the consistency here, they have a low vendor turn over and their vendors work hard. If you find something here and you are on the fence about it, buy it! My most painful “should have bought it” moment happened here, it was a cheaply priced 1920’s Remington Typewriter. One hour to closing it was there, twenty minutes after opening it was gone.

I’m certain that the 14 most popular decorating styles are represented here. You’ll also find jewelry, glassware, artwork and no shortage of collectibles. I personally have picked up late 1800’s french postcards, a postcard written by a soldier during WWI, antique thimbles and a couple of treasured farmhouse line drawings.

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