Howto vendor sign up

Step 1: From the home page click on Join Us -> More Information link under Vendors.



Step 2: Click the Sign Up button on your chosen package.


Step 3: Fill in your username, email address and password.


Step 4: Check PayPal as the payment option

Step 5: Check the box to opt in to the newsletter. (Optional)

Step 6: Check the box to agree to our terms of service,



Step 7: Type in the ReCapture words.

Step 8: Click Register.

This will take you to the website

This shows the membership price and that the first month is Free.

Step 9: Click on Log In.

Step 10 : Log in to your PayPal account.  Click here for help on opening an account if needed.



Step 11: Click the “Agree” button on the PayPal summary page.



Once complete you will be returned to

Step 12: All done, you can now log in to your account using the username and password you chose in Step 3

Once logged in you will see your dashboard, where you can personalize the avatar, background and market your business through pictures and posts.

The public profile page. Example