Market Membership

First Month Free

Follow the flea is a place for shoppers, bargain hunters, brides, interior designers and collectors to find boutique vendors.


The search results come from pictures uploaded by the members.

Clicking the picture takes them to vendor’s details and how to find the store.

Every member gets a profile page to showcase their store.

Members upload photos of their items, that are searchable by customers, and show them how to how find the vendor.

All memberships are free for the first month.

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  • Static page
  • Market listing
  • Single photo of booth/ market

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  • Profile page with custom avatar and background
  • 50 photo uploads
  • 5 photo galleries
  • 10 blog posts
  • Featured market listing



If you have any questions around the sign-up process there is a step by step walk through HERE, or you can contact us through the form HERE